College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 12

College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 12

Alabama is your hands down #1 pick and looks to remain that way thru the rest of the season. They are simply blowing teams out…good teams. Their game control (GC), which is a category the committee looks at, is far above any other team, as they have been dominating games from start to finish.


Ohio State moves in from outside of the top 4, all the way up to the #2 position after a dominating win @ Maryland 62-3. They will go on the road this week to face a 3-7 Michigan State team in East Lansing.

The next two picks came as a bit of a surprise from the committee. Michigan remained at #3, even after losing to an unranked Iowa team. Despite having a weaker Strength of Schedule (SOS), they still hold the #2 spot in Football Power Index (FPI). The Wolverines should cruise past Indiana (5-5) this week and remain at the #3 spot.

Clemson also lost Saturday on that last minute field goal against Pitt 43-42, but retained its #4 position in the Playoff Rankings. Clemson goes on the road this week to face a 6-4 Wake Forest team.

Louisville’s position at #5 is also for debate, as some feel as tho they should have moved into the top 4 after a convincing win vs. Wake Forest last week, 44-12. They also hold the #4 ranking in FPI, but their SOS at 59 is holding them back. They will have a tough fight to get into the top 4, as the committee is clearly favoring the rigorous schedules of SEC and Big 10 teams. Louisville plays the big Thursday Night game this week down @ Houston, who holds a strong 8-2 record.

Washington dropped down to #6, and rightfully so, after they showed no signs of promise vs. USC on Saturday night. If you’re a Pac-12 team looking to stay in the Top 4, you have to win that game. They will look for redemption as they take on Arizona State at home this Saturday at 7:30 PM EST.

Overall, the Big 10 is showing they are the clear power conference, with 4 teams in the top 8, adding Wisconsin and Penn State at the #7 and #8 spots.

11-16-16 College Football Playoff Rankings.JPG
College Football Playoff Rankings – Week 12 (

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